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  • Under general supervision, the Residential Manager (RM) oversees the daily operations of a home in which The Arc provides residential supports for people with I/DD.   Supports are provided on a 24/7 basis (generally, with the exception of the time spent in employment or recreation programs during daytime hours).  The RM role is a combination of administrative, supervisor, and direct support responsibilities.  The RM directs and guides staff to match specific supports and interventions to the unique needs of the people receiving services; recognizing the importance of friends, family and community relationships.  He/she also performs direct service duties on a regularly scheduled basis and ensures that all required staffing hours are filled, as necessary, to fulfill support duties required by house residents.  The RM ensures that activities comply with guidelines established by both the agency and the State of Maryland.  The RM provides supervision and guidance to support staff, as assigned.  The RM should maintain co-operative professional relationships with all support team members; following ethical standards of practice (confidentiality, informed consent, etc.).  The RM is responsible to maintain adequate staffing, safety and program activities of assigned services within the established budgetary guidelines.  The RM assures that the people assigned to him/her have access to the community, participating in activities of their choosing and making decisions that directly impact their lives.




·       Health & wellbeing of people assigned-Assures a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for people with funding for 24/7 staffing in a group home:

o   Medication Administration-Assists with and/or dispenses medication (as certified), or other prescribed medical treatments, as necessary.

o   Health & Behavior issues-Monitors health and behavioral issues of assigned consumers.  Arranges and attends appointments with medical personnel, as necessary.

o   Crisis prevention & intervention-Monitors potential crisis situations, discussing incidents with authorized staff and people receiving supports, adjusting supports, and complying with regulations for reporting.  Responds appropriately in emergency situations to assure safety and well being for everyone.

o   Individual Plans-Develops and implements person specific planning and individualizes implementation of goals for assigned people.

o   Community Involvement-Assures access to community recreation, services and support.  Assists and supports people to plan, make informed choices, follows through on responsibilities.  Arranges transportation for consumers for recreation, medical appointments, community functions, etc. Assist with medical appointments, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, and medication administration.

o   Monitors personal funds-Monitors the expenditure of personal funds of individuals receiving services.  This includes banking.

o   Advocacy-Provides information on rights; increasing awareness of self-advocacy methods and techniques; encourages and assists people to speak on their own behalf; and provides information on peer support and self-advocacy groups.  Advocates for, maintains and/or obtains consumer entitlements.  Assists and/or represents people when there are barriers to their service needs and enlists the support of decision makers, when appropriate, to overcome barriers to services.

o   Interpersonal communication-Uses effective communication and basic counseling skills to establish cooperative relationships among the people receiving services, families, consultants and agency staff.  Maintains current knowledge of the formal and informal supports available in his or her community and assists people receiving services to identify and access these supports

  • Staffing-Assures staffing support that enhances and guides consumers.

o   24/7-Responds to staff issues 24/7.

o   Supervise-Supervises assigned staff by hiring, guiding, interviewing, evaluating, counseling and/or recommending termination upon consultation with the Director, Human Resources.

o   Train-Provides on the job training and mentoring for assigned staff. Assures that all staff meet agency training requirements.

o   Time & attendance-Assures the accuracy of the time and attendance system for all staff that this manager supervises.

  • Financial-Implements, maintains and monitors budgets with particular emphasis on staffing line items

o   Manage staffing schedules in accordance with established budgets.

o   Review and approve travel and recreational reimbursements.

o   Manage client’s financial assets in accordance with established control procedures.

o   Maintain and secure Personal health Information (HIPPA). 

o   Imprest-Monitors and reconciles imprest accounts for food and household supplies.

  • Documentation-Completes, approves and/or reviews paperwork (e.g. attendance documents, IP packets, monthly summaries, incident reporting, community involvement forms, expenditure vouchers, sheets and travel vouchers.

o   Service Funding plans-Develops Services Funding plans as necessary for new people or changes in people currently receiving supports

o   Funding-Compiles documentation in support of requests for service change.

o   Data collection-Maintains accurate records, collects, compiles and evaluates data; submits reports; and develops a system to manage documentation.

o   Incident Reports-Completes incident reports when needed as required by the State of Maryland.



  • Accomplishes all tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.
  • Attends and participates in staff/house meetings at a minimum of one time per month.




  • Possesses an associate’s degree in a related field and three years of progressively responsible experience or a combination of education and experience equivalent to this requirement: supervisory experience; knowledge and understanding of IP’s, crisis management and behavior change principles.






  • Possesses a proficiency in computer-based software, e.g. Excel, Word, or social media.
  • Has a good command of the English language both oral and written and demonstrates these skills.
  • Clearly express ideas and thoughts verbally and in writing.
  • Possesses the ability to be forward thinking and creative.
  • Keeps up-to-date on information and technology affecting functional area(s) to increase innovation and ensure compliance.
  • Ability to communicate change effectively; Build commitment and overcome resistance; Prepare and support those affected by change; Monitors transition and evaluates results.  
  • Demonstrates effective communication by selecting and using appropriate communication methods.
  • Demonstrate good listening and comprehension.
  • Ability to keep others adequately informed. 
  • Is well organized and self-directed, and a team player.
  • Has the ability to respond effectively to the most sensitive inquiries or complaints.
  • Demonstrates effective supervisory and leadership skills.

·        Has the ability and willingness to accept emergency phone calls and respond to emergencies twenty-four hours a day.

·        Possesses a valid driving license with a good driving record, and access to a safe vehicle for transporting people receiving services.

·        Possesses the ability to pass the criminal background check mandated by the State of Maryland and the checks system report.


  • Listing No.
  • 62376
  • Company Name
  • The Arc of Southern Maryland
Job Field Developmental Disabilities Services
Type of Position Full-Time Permanent
Education Required Associate's Degree
Years of Experience Required 3
  • County
  • So. Maryland
  • City
  • All Counties
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