Some of the most requested features in the new classifieds

→ Renew your ads for up to 30 days past the expiration date if needed

If you miss the 30 day renewal window, ads are still kept in the archive for 120 days after the expiration date and the data can be copied to a new ad.

Go to your account and click My Expired Listings. You will see a list of your expired ads for the last 120 days. Below the listing you want to renew, click Manage This Listing and click the button that corresponds to the action you want to take.

→ Photos

You can now have up to 10 photos per ad and the first photo is free for all ads. Photo file sizes can now be up to 2MB each and you can rotate them once they've been uploaded. Each photo can also be given a unique title.

→ Shopping cart - post multiple ads & photos, pay once

When you place your ad it will go into your shopping cart, which you'll see to the left of your screen. If you want to add photos or place multiple ads, they will all go into your cart, then you pay one time during checkout.

→ Register & Login Using Facebook

If you're a daily Facebook user, now you can register and login to the classifieds using your Facebook account if you so choose. No need to remember yet another password.

→ Change the contact information for your ads

Go to your account and click My Active Listings. Below the ad you'd like to edit, click Manage This Listing and select Edit. On the next screen, select Edit Details, and edit the information.

→ Featured Ads

Three levels of Featured Ads dramatically increase the visibility of your ad.

→ Attention Getters

Increase the visibility of your ads by adding an attention getter - a small gif that appears next to your ad and draws viewers.

→ Share on social media

You can share your ads on your Facebook, Twitter, and a number of other social media venues by going to your account and clicking Sharing. Select the listing you'd like to share and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can also share other posters' ads on most social media sites, including Pinterest, by using the buttons at the top of each ad.

→ Payment Options

The classifieds now accept PayPal, checks, and money orders for payment, in addition to all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover).

→ Account balances

You can add money to your classifieds account for current or future use. This is done under Account Finance in your Account.

→ Mobile Friendly

Our software will optimize the display for your lower resolution mobile devices.

For a detailed description of all features of the new classifieds, please go to the Features Overview page. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page also contains a wealth of information. If you require additional help, please contact us at 1-888-612-0003 option 2 (business days 8 a.m. - 8 p.m); E-Mail support(at); or visit our Online Classifieds Help Desk.